In Their Shoes 2019

Team Vicki(and Wilbur)
Team Vicki(and Wilbur)

Team Vicki

Team Vicki is an opportunity for family and friends to celebrate Vicki Williams Painter’s Cancer journey.  

Vicki was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma  Breast  Cancer in October 2018 following a routine yearly mammogram. She had surgery and completed four weeks of radiation during the holidays without missing a beat. She completed radiation on 1/15/19. 

I saw the information about the In Their Shoes Event on her calendar one day while reviewing her crazy schedule of doctor appointments.

We talked about celebrating the end of treatment and the beginning of maintenance care with this walk. I think it would mean a lot for her to participate in this event.

I am thankful for all the research, treatment options, and support from the Loran Smith Center that enabled Vicki to beat Cancer. 

Please support out team goals to provide continued resources to support other individuals and families battling Cancer.

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